Spring Camp Schedule

Due to the amount of precipitation we have had recently, the schedule for Spring Camp has been adjusted.
*Please note, schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, May 4 – Rundle Park (Helmets only)

5:30pm                 Clubhouse Opens – Registration
6:30pm                 Team Meetings
7:15pm                 Practice
8:30pm                 Off

Friday, May 5 – Clareview Artificial Turf (Full Pads)
* NOTE – Players meet at the clubhouse and transportation to the field is provided

5:00pm                 Clubhouse Opens – Registration (for those who missed Thursday)
6:00pm                 Unit Meetings
6:30pm                 Head to Field
7:00pm                 On Field
9:00pm                 Return to Rundle Park

Saturday, May 6 – AM – Clareview Artificial Turf (Helmets/Shoulder Pads)

9:30am                 Head to Field
10:00am                 On Field
12:00pm               Return to Rundle
Saturday, May 6 – PM – Rundle Park (Helmets)
1:30pm                 Meetings
2:00pm                 On Field
3:30pm                 Off

Sunday, May 7 – Rundle Park (Full)

10:00am               Meetings
11:00am               Warmup
11:20am               Scrimmage
12:30pm               Wrap