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Thank You!!!

Thank you everyone for the support of the Edmonton Football Team 50/50.

Your support goes along way to keeping the athletic and educational opportunities for our young athletes.



Dinner with Champions

The Wildcats are excited to add a little sweetener to the prize by having a Dinner with Blake Dermott and Kavis Reed two current members of our coaching staff.  We would like to thank Alumnus Brad German and his group at CHOP Steakhouse for providing what will be an excellent atmosphere and meal (once the restrictions are lifted in our province).

Week 3 Winners!

Our Cats, beat the Calgary Colts 23-16 at Clarke Stadium this past Saturday night.  Travel to Calgary this weekend to watch the second half of the home and home, Saturday Sept 7, 7pm McMahon Stadium.  You can also watch on-line at   Go Cats!