2013 King of the Cats!

During training camp we held our Annual King of the Cats competition!

The King of the Cats competition is designed to judge the athletes on their agility, speed, strength, and power through standardized testing. Each competition was judged based on desired performance and the players were then ranked against each other and points were allotted to create an overall score. The scoring process is designed to develop fairness between the different players, as we realize that multiple skill sets and attributes can help a team in different ways.

The King of the Cats competition is also used as a physical testing process so that the players can compare their results year to year and judge the effectiveness of their off season training.

This year our King of the Cat is Rick LeMoignan. Rick is the first receiver since 2003 to have won!

Wildcats Strength and Conditioning Coach Ryan Branting left the competition feeling “pleased with many of the players results as it showed the hard work that was put in off season to help better our program for the 2013 season”