2017 Team Award Recipients

At the end of each season our athletes are given the opportunity to vote for each other for the team awards. The 2017 award winners are:

Special Teams Player of the Year – Isaiah Brown

Coach Jarred Winkel and Isaiah Brown

Lineman of the Year Award – Evin Kochisarli

Coach Keaton Hoddinott and Evin Kochisarli

Back of the Year Award – Jayden Dalke

Coach Chris Dobko and Jayden Dalke

Rookie of the Year Award – Riley Thompson

Jay Meraw Award – Bray Josue
* Awarded to the player with the best Wildcat attitude

Coach Greg Tyszka and Bray Josue

Peter Smith Memorial Award – Kieran Bell/Garret Hauck
* Awarded to the player who contributes the most with the least recognition

Coach Sean Brown with Kieran Bell and Garret Hauck

Most Valuable Player – Jayden Dalke

Coach Andy Pilon and Jayden Dalke