Edmonton Wildcats Defeat Cross-Town Rivals 51-18

The Edmonton Wildcats celebrated a 51-18 victory over the Edmonton Huskies tonight at Clarke Stadium.

The Wildcats took an early lead in the game with a 1 yard touchdown by David Adebyo 3:17 after the whistle, making it 7-0 for the Wildcats. Shortly after the Huskies conceded a safety, increasing the Wildcat lead to 9-0. David Adebayo pushed another 1 yard touchdown through at 10:29, followed by an Ideen Samadi field goal at 11:52, ending the first quarter with a score of 19-0 Wildcats. The second quarter was a battle for points, started with a Yannick L’Abbe touchdown for the Huskies, decreasing the Wildcat lead to 19-7. The Wildcats responded with a touchdown by Brad Quartel at 8:23, making it 26-7 for the Cats. Yannick L’Adde pushed another Huskie touchdown through at 11:44, bringing the score to 26-14. Ideen Samadi kicked another successful field goal, followed by a Jonathan Heiderbrecht field goal, ending the first half with a Wildcat lead of 29-17.

The Wildcat lead increased early in the third quarter when the Huskies conceded a safety, adding 2 to the board for the ‘Cats. At 7:40, David Adebayo pushed through a third 1 yard touchdown, making it 38-17. Ideen Samadi followed up with a field goal with only 0:23 left in the third, ending the quarter 41-17 Wildcats. The Huskies saw an additional point on the board when a rouge was awarded early in the 4th. At 4:05, Olson threw to Ryan Smith for another Wildcat touchdown – 48-18. The game ended with a 36 yard Ideen Samadi field goal, bringing the final score to 51-18 for the Wildcats.

The Wildcats offense saw 688 yards, 332 on the ground and 356 in the air. David Adebayo lead the rushing with 23 carries for 155 yards and 3 touchdowns. Pass receiving was lead by Brad Quartel who had 5 catches for 145 yards and 1 touchdown and Ryan Smith who had 3 catches for 146 yards and 1 touchdown. Quarterback Jordan Olson completed 12 of 27 for 346 yards.

The Wildcats defense was lead by Defensive Back Jahlani Knorren with 2 tackles, 1 pass knock down, and 1 interception for 10 points. Defensive Back Ryan Doram had 9 points consisting of 4 tackles and 1 assisted tackle, and Defensive Lineman Isaiah Hoeppner had 8 points made up of 4 tackles.

The Wildcats currently are 3-2 with 6 points in the PFC Standings. The Huskies are 1-4 with 2 points. The two teams meet again next Saturday night at Clarke Stadium at 7pm.