Sanford Payne Plaque Returns Home to Clubhouse

Edmonton Wildcat alumni Jack Rutherford (1951-1952) presents Club President John Wojcicki a very special award presented to Sanford Payne in 1974 for his significant contribution to Junior Football in Canada. Sanford’s son Wynn discovered the plaque recently and donated it back to the Wildcats for the Clubhouse.

Sanford Payne’s contribution to the Wildcats began in 1960 as the team transitioned from the Maple Leaf Athletic Club to the Edmonton Wildcat Football Club. The changeover was organized by alumni Noel Bryson, Jim Plasteras, Dan Dyer, and Jack Rutherford. They soon discovered that while they knew football as a sport, they needed assistance in running a football team. Noel Bryson knew Sanford, who was the Office Manager at Loveseths’ (an automobile service company) and reached out to him to help manage the club. Sanford’s leadership and business acumen gave the Wildcats the strength that they needed to get rolling as an independent organization. The Wildcats budget per year was around $3,000 and their home was the East stands at Clarke Stadium. With no meeting space outside of the locker room, the five men who made up the board met at the York Hotel Pub!

Junior Football across Canada profited from Sanford’s wisdom and guidance. The plaque will be housed in a prominent place at our current Clubhouse – so drop by and have a look!