Team Building with the Edmonton Police Service

October 4 2017
Written by : Allie Stanton

Yesterday, the Wildcats players and coaches participated in a different kind of practice. It was the practice of sweat. The team visited the Edmonton Police Services training facility in Griesbach for a team building evening.

The evening started with a quick warm up, followed by a casual beep test, nothing too crazy…in the beginning. Round after round, athleticism was tested. And after 11 rounds, Jayden Dalke and Isaiah Brown were the last two standing. From there it was all about the body weight in a tabata style workout. Pushups, lunges, plank up-downs, squats, abdominal boat holds, and a quick relay race to flush out the lactic acid building up in their bodies. The team camaraderie was electric. There were smiles through the pain, players encouraging each other to keep going, and coaches ensuring that they were also giving it their all.

The evening continued on with a information session regarding recruitment with the EPS, and players and coaches received a first hand account of what is it like to be a Edmonton Police officer. To complete the evening, the players sat through another session with the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters and their “Leading Change” program.

We thank the Edmonton Police Service not only for a fun filled evening, but especially for everything they do to Protect and Serve our family, friends, communities and city.