McLeanCoach Jason McLean joined the Wildcats in 2015 after 11 years coaching with McNally High School. Jason has jumped positions coaching, going to where the team needs him the most, and has been an asset in each position. His firm understanding of the sport of football, combined with his patience and willingness to spend as much time with each athlete as they need has made him one of the most approachable coaches on the team. When he is not coaching, Jason is either coordinating the Flag Football Team, working on his golf game, or teaching his one year old daughter Ellie to stay away from football boys. On behalf of the Defensive Backs, and the McNally kids, thank you Coach McLean!



LestusCoach Tanner Lestus is another Wildcat who returned home to the team. Tanner wore the Wildcat colours from 2006-2010 as a Defensive Back. In 2014, he came back to the ‘Cats to coach the DB’s. An University of Alberta Civil Engineering alumnus, Tanner is the analytical thinker of the coaching staff. Despite his calm and quiet exterior, Tanner has excelled at teaching his athletes to break down film, understand their jobs on the field, and to hit the field with full energy every time. On behalf of the Defensive Backs, thank you Coach Lestus!




ReaderCoach Sean Reader was awarded the “Most Likely To Organize Someone Else’s Locker While They’re Not Looking” award in high school…. Fine, we don’t actually know if that’s true, but it seems plausible! Sean is the coach who can find anything you ask for in a heartbeat and doesn’t even need to make you a second copy because he already anticipated you forgetting yours and came prepared. He is the heart of our Special Teams and Receivers, and is loved and respected by all of his athletes. Sean is a teacher, and that shows in how he breaks down film, walks the team through it, and assigns multiple page homework assignments. His coaching style is supportive, encouraging, and holds each player accountable, which has helped him bond close relationships with his receiving core. On behalf of the Receivers and Special Teams, thank you Coach Reader!