Volunteer Opportunities

The Wildcats are a volunteer run organization, and we are looking for support in a variety of areas!


Old Game Film – we have boxes of old VHS tapes with game film. We are looking for someone to transfer them over to digital files, and annotate great plays from the film that can be used for further promotions, etc.

Alumni List – we have programs ranging throughout the 70 years of history of the Wildcats. We are looking for someone to go through them and help build a list of alumni and what years they played.

Photos Archive – we have photos from previous seasons that we are looking to have scanned and labeled.


50/50 Sellers – we need two 50/50 sellers at each home game

Merchandise Tent Seller – we are looking someone to handle the merchandise sales at home games

Beer Gardens – we are looking for two people with their ProServe certification to sell liquor at our home games

Team Photographer – we are looking for someone to help out with photography at our home games and camps

Hudl Game Film – we are looking for someone to help break down the film after each game.

If you are interested in helping out in any of the above areas, please contact Meghann at admin@edmontonwildcats.com