Wildcats 2014 Athletic Screening and Injury Prevention Program

We are proud to introduce the Athletic Screening and Injury Prevention Program to our players for the 2014 season, starting at our June 1 Signing Day Camp. The screening will be conducted by Wildcat Alumnus James Squire, working together with our Athletic Therapists.

The best way to treat sport injury is to prevent it from happening. Sport science is beginning to give us answers to the how, why and when players break down. Screening athletes is becoming widespread in elite sport from college to the NFL combine. Pre-season athlete screening allows us to identify potential areas of vulnerability in football players and attempt to correct it before an injury starts.

The pre-season screen aims to identify weakness in core strength, flexibility and balance in our players, all of which contribute to injury risk. Players will be grouped accordingly to their main areas of vulnerability and instructed on corrective exercise programs that will continue through the season. Players will be monitored during the season to ensure they are maintaining their peak performance and risk factors to injury are identified as early as possible.

Keeping players healthy they can develop on the field and not in the trainers room is the ultimate goal.

James Squire BScPT, MMPT

James Squire is a Wildcat’s alumni having spent the 2000 through 2003 seasons as a member of the team. He graduated from the University of Alberta in 2005 with a degree in Physical Therapy and went on to complete his Masters degree in advanced orthopedic physical therapy in Perth Australia in 2008. James has worked with football athletes from minor, CJFL, CIS and CFL leagues throughout his career. Over the past two years James lived in Perth Australia working with professional Australian Rules Football in the WAFL as a head physio and gained experience and knowledge in athletic screening and team injury management.