2017 Graduating Players

This year we have five graduating players. Earlier this season, Head Coach Darcy Park took some time to write about each graduating player for our seasonal Game Day programs.

Colton Hippe

Graduating from Holy Rosary High School in Lloydminster, Colton has been a valuable member of the organization. Colton has been a great teammate and leader who has sat on the leadership committee for the past two seasons. Colton was usually the first to arrive every day and the last to leave. His passion for the game was evident and he always had a smile on his face at practice and at games. We thank Colton for his support and contribution to our community programs and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Bray Josue

As another graduate of Holy Rosary High School, Bray has been a constant source of energy for the club. Probably one of our most photographed players – Bray’s commitment and efforts on and off the field are going to be missed just as much as his big smile. Regardless of what was happening, the Wildcats could always count on Bray to bring enthusiasm and passion to the day. Bray will be missed and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Albanie Laderoute

A graduate of Ross Sheppard High School in Edmonton, Albanie grew into a key member of the club whose dedication and commitment served as an example to all the other players. Albanie persevered through injuries and loss of loved ones during his five years. He has become a man we are all proud to be associated with and will always hold a special place in the Wildcats community.

Rasheed & Rashaad Robinson

It is logical to speak of these two identical twins and graduates from Holy Trinity High School at the same time. They did everything the same, both worked hard to become playmakers on the field, and both suffered serious knee injuries that cost them most of two seasons. But both made an effort to find ways to contribute away from the field during that time. Big smiles and big hitters, the club thanks Rashaad and Rasheed from their efforts over the past 5 years and we wish them luck in their future.

Nolan Hunt

Nolan is a graduate of Harry Ainlay High School and has been a jack of all trades throughout his 5 years with the Wildcats. He bounced between Linebacker and Defensive Back whenever the club needed him and was always counted on as a key member of special teams. He was a key contributor to our community projects and will be greatly missed. Thank you for your service to the club, and best of luck Nolan.


All members of our graduating class have played a role in building and growing our In the Community program, all have become fixtures in the locker room and will be remembered fondly by the Executives, Coaches, staff and their teammates.