Football is Family – A Thank You

By: Allie Stanton

The Wildcats are an organization built on perseverance, determination and resilience. When our Clubhouse was not usable for a week –  we rallied. The situation was out of our hands, and the golden phrase “Football is Family” rang true when we needed a home field for the week.

The City of Edmonton and Edmonton Eskimos Football Team blew us away with their generosity of allowing our organization to not only use the field house at such short notice but their visitor dressing facilities, meetings rooms, on field equipment and Commonwealth Field under the evening football lights. The players weren’t the only ones excited about the opportunity, so were the coaches and staff. During warm ups, the coaches would toss the ball around to each other with big grins on their faces, some of them having their first experience coaching in such a large facility. Staff were also enamoured that they were casually out on the field and not a single person was in the stands. The sheer magnitude of the stadium really blew our entire team away. The City of Edmonton and the  Edmonton Eskimos truly outdid themselves in ensuring that we could practice uninterrupted, while also giving our players, coaches and staff a taste of the CFL big time.

As an organization and team, the Edmonton Wildcats Football Club would like to extend a grateful Thank You to the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Eskimos Football Club not only for their generosity but also for giving us a temporary home. 


To view photos from the week we spent at Commonwealth Stadium, click here.