Wildcats NFL Pool


ITS BACK!!! Register now for the 3rd Annual Edmonton Wildcats 2023 NFL Survivor Pool!
This season we have a Guaranteed $1000 prize!!!
Still just $20 entry fee per team, no limit to the number of teams you can enter
You can email transfer your entry fee to admin@edmontonwildcats.com
New this season, anyone losing in Week 1 will be allowed to buy back into the contest for an additional $20 per entry.
A brief reminder: You pick one team to win each week. If they lose, you are eliminated. You must get your pick in by the weekly deadline as shown under the Pool Settings. If you choose to pick a game before the deadline you must do so by kickoff of that game.
All picks will be hidden until the game has begun (for early games) or until the weekly pick deadline, after which all picks will be visible. Good luck to everyone. If you have any questions, please contact me at president@edmontonwildcats.com.
Deadline is September 10th at 11:00 am.
Thank you for supporting the Edmonton Wildcat Football Club