Changes to Board of Directors

Effective May 1,2018 at our Annual General Meeting our 2018 Board of Directors was installed. Brad Gatschene has moved into the role of President of the Edmonton Wildcats Football Club. Brad Quartel has accepted the role of Vice President. Jason Dailey remains as Treasurer and Scott Kramble has accepted the role of Secretary.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank John Wojcicki who has been on the board since 2006 and served as President for 7 years. John announced in 2017 that it would be his last year as President, and the board unanimously moved Brad Gatschene from his Director-Corporate Relations role into Vice President to prepare him to transition into the President role for 2018.

John’s dedication to the team has been unwavering. Through the last several years, he has lead the team through high points and low points, and has been a voice of encouragement and stability through it all. He restructured the board, helping us to run more efficiently and professionally, which has set us up to continue to see stability, financial and otherwise. John represented the team at countless meetings, and we could always sit confidently knowing that the best interests of the Wildcats and of football in Edmonton were being represented. John’s passion for the team has shown in everything he has done, and we are thrilled he will be staying on the board in the capacity of Past President to continue to push us forward.

Thank you John, and congratulations to the 2018 Board of Directors!!