The Future of Clarke Stadium

On March 3, 2014 the City of Edmonton Community Services Committee met to address reports from City Administration regarding (1) a medium rectangular sports field strategy, and, (2) renewal of the turf at Clarke Stadium.

If you have not been following the discussions, City Administration is recommending that the new turf be installed with permanent soccer lines. Football lines will be painted on as needed. This has been advocated primarily by FC Edmonton (owned by Tom and Dave Fath of Fath Industries/O’Hanlon Paving), which is Edmonton’s professional soccer team.

The football community is opposed to this recommendation because of concerns about the lines being painted on. The painting of lines is dependent on weather, which could cause an issue particularly in the late fall, meaning that it is not guaranteed there will be lines for all games. This affects Junior Football the most as the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL) has strict guidelines as to the field requirements.

A recent survey conducted by the City showed that over 70% of respondents were not in favour of the Administrations recommendation.

The attached report represents the position of Junior Football with respect to the City Administration position.
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Following are the reports from City Administration:

Business Models, Stadium Options and Needs Assessment for Soccer and Field Sports in Edmonton:

Medium Size Stadium Strategy:

Clarke Field Artificial Turf Renewal:

If you have any concerns, or simply want to add your voice as a “football-first for Clarke” supporter, we strongly encourage you to let your Ward Councillor be made aware of how you feel. Here is the listing of Councillors:

Ward 1 – Andrew Knack;
Ward 2 – Bev Esslinger;
Ward 3 – Dave Loken;
Ward 4 – Ed Gibbons;
Ward 5 – Michael Oshry;
Ward 6 – Scott McKeen;
Ward 7 – Tony Caterina;
Ward 8 – Ben Henderson;
Ward 9 – Bryan Anderson;
Ward 10 – Michael Walters;
Ward 11 – Mike Nikel;
Ward 12 – Amarjeet Sohi;
Mayor – Don Iveson; [twitter]: