Wildcats Participate in Reading Week with Boys & Girls Club

This past Friday the Rundle Boys and Girls Club invited players from the Edmonton Wildcats to participate in reading week at their facility. Three of the Edmonton Wildcats Jordan Bierkos, Brandon Lund and Matt Hayward volunteered their time to help support and encourage reading with the young children at the Boys & Girls Club.

The players, attending the reading session at the Boys and Girls Club, read stories to 15 enthusiastic children. At the end of the readings the players asked for volunteers to read stories to them. They received an overwhelming response and three of the children individually sat in front of the group and each read a story. The skill level of the young people was amazing and impressed both the players and myself with the way they were able to read to an audience without any nervousness or mistakes. It was very impressive.

The children came away from this experience with a sense of accomplishment and confidence being able to read in front of a group. They enjoyed the experience immensely and thanked the players for coming out to their facility. They also wanted to wish them luck in the upcoming Conference final in Saskatoon.


Stuart Gibson
Edmonton Wildcats Media Coordinator
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