Wildcats Go Undefeated In Exhibition Jamboree!

Training Camp concluded this weekend with the Exhibition Jamboree against the Edmonton Huskies and Calgary Colts. The Jamboree kicked off with cross-town rivals, the Wildcats and Huskies meeting. The Wildcats won this match 10-6. The Huskies then took on the Calgary Colts, where the Colts took a 7-3 win. The final match up was between the Wildcats and the Colts, giving the Wildcats a second win with a final score of 13-7.

The final roster will be announced soon, and make sure to check our Facebook Page for photos from Training Camp and the Exhibition Jamboree.

The football season officially kicks off next Saturday at 7pm where the Wildcats and Huskies will meet at Clarke Park. It’s hosted by the Huskies, so season passes will not be valid. There will be a pre-game party for parents and fans, so watch the website for more information!